What influences your clients to select your services? What drives them the moment they click on your web site or pick up the phone?

PinPoint is an analytic technique developed by Dr. Henry J. Svec, Clinical Psychologist, designed to identify the online behavioural factors that lead consumers to these buying decisions. We take millions of data points, assess the information, and use these results to help your business flourish. Our concierge marketing program then takes this ever-changing information and incorporates it into your web-based marketing plan.

You provide:

  1. Information about your current client base.
  2. A list of services that your business offers.
  3. Access to your web site statistics.
    We need this to track your campaigns.
  4. At least three video ads, anywhere
    from 30 seconds to 10 minutes long.

PinPoint provides:

  1. Ad placement via social media.
  2. Ongoing placement adjustments based on your clients' habits and triggers, using a combination of metrics and analysis.
  3. Exclusivity to one industry provider in any geographical area when available.
    Non-exclusivity is accessible for a slightly lower fee.
  4. A monthly report outlining the effectiveness of the program so that you can compare it to your increase in billings.

This innovative and cognitive approach is specifically tailored to help your target the habits of your prospective clients, using a PinPoint human interpreter.
By understanding your clients, we can empower your business.

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